How Corona changed the Entire Food Industry


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I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a fresh Ceviche, and a couple of cold beers along the company of my closest buddies. Nowadays, rubbing shoulders in such crowded Peruvian restaurants doesn’t seem to be the norm anymore due to the fear of getting infected. Yet, even though many culinary’s businesses have suffered tremendously as a result of the Pandemic; certain food providers have adapted smoothly well to the vicissitudes.

While for some, staying quarantined and cooking at home isn’t really a tragedy, for others (like myself) is a punch in the gut. This is why, after two months of avoiding public spaces I took a leap of faith and headed to Downtown DC and Northern Virginia to check out how well-known restaurants in the ‘DMV’ are currently doing.

…and the the timing was better than expected.

During July 28th, my team and I cruised around the best Peruvian restaurants to celebrate our country’s independence while taking a glance at how the staff was navigating these uncertain times. While ‘Pisco y Nazca’ was completely packed, others weren’t so lucky…or as resourcefully cunning perhaps. One interesting thing that we noticed was that the location, price and food quality are not priority anymore. Instead, the atmosphere rearrangement, marketing strategies and customer service were the crucial factors that marked the difference. As a result, the owners who succeeded were the ones who took a flexibly holistic approach, while the ones who stayed stagnant suffered the consequences.

But I wonder how long will this be sustainable for and how much are they willing to live with this new normality. I also wonder if the clientele that they reach through deliveries, carry-outs, new technologies and limited seating actually measures up to the dozens who used to pack these spots before the virus hit. Only time will tell as the gap among all of these top-notch providers keeps getting wider and wider.

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