What the World Learned from Trumpism


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Donald Trump was a necessary turbulent bump in the road of American history, and probably the rest of the world. As divisive as his administration was, it came in right timing shedding light on all the hidden byproducts of the system in place. Instead of draining the swamp, he simply exacerbated its flaws, ultimately shaking the American public to its core. A long needed wake-up call that galvanized people from both sides of the aisle. While he made racists and demagogues feel comfortable coming out of their shells, he also gave birth to counteracting movements of unified conscience devoted to heal.

With one controversial act after another, Donald Trump made Castro and Chavez look like a bunch of neophytes. His egotistic personality complemented with the compulsive way of handling policies spawned a party that never appear to fit into the contemporary American political spectrum. Trumpism, rather paved its own lane until becoming a cult, propelled by an unapologetic belief rooted in the disbelief of the status quo. Even though we will never find out if he genuinely believed everything he preached, he damn sure touched millions of frustrated individuals who will forever be loyal to him: The Silent Majority.

Unlike public opinion, his irascible fan base doesn’t solely consists of middle-class whites residing in the suburbs and rural areas of the U.S. It also encompasses a wide array of educated minorities from all corners of world who love the concept of the reckless “iron fist”….Little did they know that their archaic delusions would bring about a stronger counterforce that eventually voted their ‘leader’ out of the map. A man who unintentionally incentivized millions of peaceful protests against police brutality, caged immigrants and sexism. Issues that reverberated with countless of sympathizers around the world in such magnitude that will indeed leave a footprint for future generations to come.

So thank you Donald Trump, for showing us the ugly side of humanity. Thank you for highlighting what’s wrong with this world, for unveiling how fragile our institutions are and pushing us to not be like you and your die-hard followers….You will not be missed.

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