Why Biden was the ONLY rational option for the American public


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After watching the presidential debates, I wasn’t necessarily convinced by Joe Biden. Not because of his political agenda nor what he stands for, but mostly due to his lack of eloquence, fake charisma and stuttered hesitant comebacks when faced by an irascible Trump. Up to this day none of his speeches have ever incited an enlightening furor as other political figures have; such as Obama, MLK, Clinton or Reagan per se…Instead, every time Biden opens his mouth, it almost feels as if he is talking to an audience of slow infants.

But what other choice do we really have, right?!

After being the embarrassment of the ‘developed west’, under the leadership of a narcissist pathological liar; any law-abiding citizen with a decent moral compass would be a better candidate than the Orange Man. His self-serving administration has left this country scarred with the highest numbers of Covid-19 cases, soaring unemployment rates as well as an inflammatory division. It is no wonder why a record-breaking number of 74 + million frustrated Americans casted their votes….Not necessarily because they were passionately electing Joe Biden, but because “Anything is better than having another 4 years of Donald Trump”.

Indeed, Trump has been the first president in decades who hasn’t taken the US into a global war, yet his shortcomings and compulsive buffoonery has been detrimental for this beautiful nation where I have resided since 2006.

I honestly don’t have many high expectations for Biden, but I do wish that this country gets back on its feet by stopping the counterproductive hate that the Trump campaign has been disseminating since day 1. I just want my kids and community to live peacefully in a land of opportunities led by someone who prioritizes the wellbeing of the people over his/her own fat ego.

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